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SAVE MINAMISOMA PROJECTは、2011年3月11日の東日本大震災、津 波、福島第一原発事故による放射能汚染の3大被害を受けた南相馬市民の皆さまに、定期的に生鮮食品や安全な飲料水などの支援物資を直接運んでいます。

支援金は100%全額、生鮮食品の購入に充て、津波や放射線汚染により住居を無くし、現在仮設住宅で生活をされている南相馬市民の皆さ まに2週間おきに直接お届けしています。彼らは放射線物質による汚染により、収入源であった農場や畑、海産物の漁も出来なくなり、将来の生計の見通しが立 たない中、食料、生活費の支援はほとんどなく、未だ不安定な毎日を過ごされています。


SAVE MINAMISOMA PROJECT has been delivering food and safe drinking water directly to the residents of Minamisoma city who are in continuing need of assistance after the earthquakes of March 2011, the resulting tsunami, and the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

100% of the donation money will be used to purchase fresh vegetables for delivery every 2 weeks to the residents of temporary housing shelters in Minamisoma, Fukushima who lost their homes from the tsunami or were forced to evacuate due to the Fukushima radiation. Many have also lost their livelihood due to radioactive contamination of their farmland and the surrounding sea. They receive very little additional support for food, utilities, and other daily expenses.

The people of Minamisoma should know that they are important to us, and that the community at large cares for them. Our deliveries may be small in scale but they are large in purpose and importance.

This is why we continue to support Minamisoma. Join us and show them you care. Any gesture – whether a small donation or a helping hand – is very much appreciated.


Read all about our regular deliveries to Minamisoma as well as the great charity events that pay for them. Save 東北 (Japanese).


2tトラック運転 手、配送補助、イベントサポーター、バイリンガルコミュニケーションサポーターを募集しています。スキルをお持ちでお時間を貢献頂ける方は是非ご連絡下さい。

Our current efforts focus on delivering foods and safe drinking water to residents of the temporary housing units who lost their houses due to the tsunami and forced evacuation due to the radiation.

We are looking for 2t truck drivers, distribution supporters, event supporters, and bilingual communication support for the web site. Please contact us if you could contribute your time and skill.

Sumitomo 3M

運 営管理
秘書: 石河里絵子

運 営委員会リーダー

親善大使: 前田智子 Miss Earth Japan 2011

Eー メール アドレス

Chairperson: August Hergesheimer
Administrative Assistant: Rieko Ishikawa

Committee Leaders
Distribution Logistics: Philip Duncan
Fundraising: August Hergesheimer
PR & Communication: Yuko Nagano
Treasurer: Reina Ling Ban
Event Planning & Coordination: Liz Allen

Goodwill Ambassador: Tomoko Maeda, Miss Earth